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I will not stop fighting for our conservative causes. I ran because I believed our issues needed to be talked about and I am glad that the issues we brought to the debate have been at the center of the discussion. And, I’m not done… With your help and support, I am announcing I will seek re-election to Congress in Minnesota. I am more determined than ever that President Obama be defeated and that we overturn the devastating legislation that has been forced upon the American people.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, looking better and better in retrospect, as a presidential candidate who does know the language of conservatism, and who can articulate our kind of solutions.

Taxpayer alert: New Trier High School adding IPads to curriculum.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that New Trier’s administration is looking at supplying some students with IPads - not just in the classroom but for their 24/7 personal use as well. With this technology solution in hand, now they just have to come up with a curriculum need to match. Maybe they should check with Wilmette District 39, which recently purchased IPads for fifth graders. Guess the North Shore parents aren’t 1%enough to afford IPads for their kids, so the cost will be redistributed to all the taxpayers in New Trier Township.

No hope or change in Chicago

For anyone who thought the OccupyChicago movement had closed down for the winter, watch out: Chicago is hosting what will become an historic uprising by the far left at the May 2012 G8 convention.

Dan Biss is one former U of C math prof who really, really needs a real job …

Illinois State Rep. Daniel Biss (D) (and current candidate for State Senate in the 9th District) is the poster boy for the Illinois union-muscled political frat that has brought us 1) crushing taxes, 2) fiscal insolvency and 3) pension fund obligations that are absolutely over-whelming. Guess a summa degree from Harvard in math doesn’t translate into anything resembling common sense.

For a good laugh, check out Biss’ Wikipedia entry:

"Prior to running for State Representative, Biss was an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of Chicago. He published several papers about Grassmannian manifolds in prestigious journals, including the Annals of Mathematics, that later were discovered to contain a flaw which rendered the proofs invalid. By this point Biss was working on other research areas, and so his collaborator Laura Anderson (who was working on this topic) took charge of fixing the mistake. When the flaw was unable to be corrected, Nikolai Mnev, a Russian mathematician who had independently discovered the error and had been corresponding with Anderson (and had previously collaborated with Anderson), publicized the error. In 2008 (by which time he had gone into politics and was no longer a practicing mathematician), Biss issued retractions to the journals, which were subsequently published."

and …

According to a 2008 Political Courage Test, Daniel Biss supports carbon emissions limits. Biss is pro-choice, supporting legal abortion. He supports allowing illegal immigrant high school graduates to pay in-state tuition at public universities, as well as state funding to raise the salaries of teachers. He received rating F by the NRA in 2010. Biss is a supporter of labor unions and has received $20,000 from AFSCME, the second largest donation to a state legislator.

How the Obama “recovery” stacks up … or not. American Enterprise blog,

What Governor Romney just said is that government-run top-down medicine is working pretty well in Massachusetts, and he supports it. Now, think about what that means — going up against Barack Obama…you are going to claim, well, top-down government-run medicine on the federal level doesn’t work, and we should repeal it. And he’s going to say, wait a minute, Governor. You just said that top-down government-run medicine in Massachusetts works well … Folks, we can’t give this issue away in this election. It is about fundamental freedom.

– Rick Santorum, responding to Mitt Romney in the GOP debate, 1/26/12

He needs a teleprompter for this? Photo: Reuters H/T Fox Nation

What results is a society built not on mutual benefit, as with capitalism, but mutual contempt, whereas one is endlessly forced to sacrifice for “the public” with the only hope that one day others will be conscripted to sacrifice themselves for you. Social Security and Medicare are just two examples of this multi-generational feudalism.

– Jonathan Hoenig (Capitalist Pig blog) gives the libertarian response to the State of the Union address and his solution to what ails America.

Governor Mitch Daniels (R-IN) articulates the conservative message on the economy and our country in his own thoughtful and serious style. Daniels is knows for writing all his own speeches.

The (head)band is back! Could this return to her youthful hairdo represent a play for the vice presidency? Watch out for Hill.

Your “National Park Service” is cleaning out port-a-potties for OccupyDC 3x/week. Enjoy Rep. Joe Walsh schooling NPS in House committee today. #tax$$atwork H/T MarathonPundit

The trouble with a bad show,” he sighed, “is that you can make it better but you can never make it good.” The Romney candidacy is better than it was four years ago, but it’s not clear that it’s good. Mitt needs to get good real fast: A real speech, real plan, real responses, and real fire in the belly. Does he have it in him?

– Mark Steyn, National Review, The Corner.

OK this is Wisconsin we’re talking about …

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